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What is Refinance?

Refinancing is a common way to adjust the terms and/or risk of a mortgage, loan or credit note.

When you initially take out some form of credit, be it a mortgage, loan or just a credit card, there will be a certain and current rate at the time; as well as a fixed amount that you have borrowed or can borrow.

A refinance is where you have the opportunity to renegotiate the terms such as interest rates, amount borrowed or length of agreement.

Why would I want refinancing?

A lot can change over the period of a credit agreement. For instance, a mortgage can have terms lasting for 25 years. Anything can happen over that length of time.

You may have paid off a large chunk of your finance agreement and have built up some equity in your asset (such as your home, auto, boat etc). Refinancing will allow you to make the most of this equity stake by borrowing more money on your asset via a remortgage.

If you had an introductory rate with an agreement, you may want to refinance to access a different, more favourable rate. One example of this is a loan refinance, where you are likely to consolidate a number of loans, paying the originals off with a new loan at a more favourable interest rate.

The reasons for wanting to refinance are plentiful and you can be rest assured that Responsible Refinance are there to help should you have any questions about the refinance process - no matter what stage of enquiry you are at.

What are the advantages of refinancing?

In recent times, interest rates have never been so low as they are at the minute. The rate that you were offered when you took out your finance may be very different from what is available on the market now. Many home owners are looking to refinance their mortgage to take advantage of these incredibly low rates.

If the interest rate that you are locked into suddenly becomes much lower, you will find that your monthly payments can be greatly reduced. This means extra cash in your pocket in this time of recession.

Alternatively, you can keep your monthly payments the same as before, with the difference being that you are paying more to the principal sum of the loan rather than simply paying off the interest. With this method, you will find your equity stake improving rapidly and with the right loan refinance deal, you could change the terms of your arrangement so you can be mortgage or loan free in 15 years instead of the original 20.

How Can I Refinance?

Here at Responsible Refinance, we take the headache out of refinancing and have a dedicated team who find the most competitve deals and interest rates, using only the most responsible companies. Contact us and we will find you the right deal to make your life cheaper and easier - giving you more cash in your pocket and more equity in your assets.


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